ICon 1100


Icon 1100: Your Power Solution Simplified

Meet the Icon 1100 – a sleek and modern inverter that not only brings power to your home but does so with style and simplicity. This integrated inverter battery system is designed to make your life easier, offering a hassle-free experience from installation to everyday use.

Key Features:

  1. Pure Sine Wave Technology:
    • The Icon 1100 ensures reliable power with its pure sine wave technology.
    • Capacity: 900 VA, Rated Power: 756 W.
  2. Battery Compatibility:
    • This inverter supports a range of tubular batteries, with capacities from 150Ah to 220Ah.
    • Note: You’ll need to purchase the batteries separately.
  3. Next-Generation Design:
    • Say goodbye to the old ways of dealing with inverters. The Icon 1100 comes with a revolutionary design that makes battery maintenance a breeze.
    • The dedicated battery enclosure streamlines the water top-up process.
  4. Fast Low Voltage Charging:
    • Experience quick low-voltage battery charging starting at 95V with the full charging current.
    • Charging current: 17 Ampere.
  5. Safety First:
    • Safety is a priority. The inverter is designed with no open wires, keeping the battery enclosed for the safety of everyone, especially children.
  6. Simplified Indications:
    • Understand your inverter’s status at a glance. Three large twin-color LED lights make it easy.
    • Green means everything is normal, while red alerts you to specific conditions that need attention.
  7. Mains Fuse Protection:
    • Rest easy knowing there’s added protection against short circuits at the output.
  8. Capacity and Dimensions:
    • The Icon 1100 has a capacity of 900 VA, supporting a maximum bulb load of 756 W.
    • It’s compact, measuring 76.5 X 50.5 X 24.6 cm.
  9. Warranty and Documentation:
    • Enjoy a worry-free experience with a 24-month warranty.
    • For detailed terms and conditions, check out the warranty card.
    • Need help with installation or usage? Scan the QR code on the front panel with any QR code scanner app to access the product manual.

What’s in the Box:

  • 1N Inverter.
  • 1N Warranty Card.

Net Weight:

  • The inverter weighs 13 ± 3%.

Upgrade your power setup with the Icon 1100, where power meets elegance. With its user-friendly features and modern design, this inverter is not just a power solution – it’s a seamless addition to your home. Get ready for a new era of simplicity and reliability in your everyday power needs.

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Weight 14.3 kg
Dimensions 31 × 29 × 13.5 cm


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