Sine Wave Inverter- Cruze+ 2KVA


Introducing the Luminous Pure Sine Wave Home UPS – Cruze+ 2KVA, a powerful and efficient inverter designed to provide reliable and high-quality power backup for homes and offices.

Key Features:

  1. Capacity and Power:
    • The Cruze+ 2KVA offers a robust 2 KVA capacity and 1680 W rated power, providing ample power for various appliances and ensuring a reliable power backup.
  2. Sine Wave Output:
    • With a sine wave output, this inverter guarantees a clean and stable power supply, making it safe for sensitive electronic appliances like computers, TVs, and refrigerators.
  3. Auto Overload Handling Capacity:
    • The inverter is equipped with an auto overload handling capacity, efficiently managing fluctuations in load and ensuring uninterrupted power supply.
  4. Installation and Maintenance Friendly:
    • Designed for user convenience, the Cruze+ 2KVA is easy to install and maintain, providing a hassle-free experience for users.
  5. High-Quality and Reliable Power Backup:
    • This home UPS delivers high-quality and reliable power backup, making it an ideal solution for both residential and office settings.
  6. MCB for Input Mains Protection:
    • The inclusion of an MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) ensures protection from input mains, safeguarding your appliances and the UPS system.
  7. Bypass Switch for Grid Supply:
    • The integrated bypass switch allows direct supply of output from the grid in case of a home UPS fault, ensuring continuous power availability.
  8. Noiseless Operations with Low Harmonic Distortion:
    • Experience noiseless operations due to low harmonic distortion, creating a quiet and peaceful environment during power backup.
  9. Intuitive Display:
    • The intuitive display provides real-time information on mains availability, battery status, and more, offering easy monitoring and understanding of the system’s status.
  10. Comprehensive Protection Features:
    • Benefit from comprehensive protection against short-circuits, reverse polarity, battery over-charge, deep-discharge, and other potential risks, ensuring the safety of your appliances.
  11. Adaptive Battery Charging Control System (ABCC):
    • The ABCC technology ensures faster battery charging and enhances battery life by approximately 70%, contributing to a sustainable and efficient power backup solution.
  12. Warranty:
    • Enjoy peace of mind with a comprehensive 24-month warranty, reflecting confidence in the durability and performance of the Cruze+ 2KVA.

Choose the Luminous Cruze+ 2KVA for a reliable, user-friendly, and high-performance pure sine wave home UPS that prioritizes safety, efficiency, and ease of use.

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